Live The South Sound September 3, 2015

Upcoming Community Events


There is always something going on in Gig Harbor – from the self guided/self paced endeavors like paddle boarding, fishing or crabbing on the Puget Sound to organized events like farmers' markets and outdoor concerts. Here is a look at a few of the upcoming organized events that make living in Gig Harbor unique and always fun!


The Galloping Gertie Half Marathon on September 5th – across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  If you haven't started training for this one yet (I don't know, are you a runner?!) you might want to check out the family 5k (not over the bridge) that should be just as fun!  Information on the event, including registration instructions can be found here.  Course maps for both races here.



Have a hound?  The Harbor Hounds Charity Dog Walk is happening along the waterfront downtown (Skansie Park to Donkey Creek Park) on September 12th.  Sponsor booths and watering stations will be set up along the way, and prizes are awarded for a variety of talents.  For information on the event, event times and registration, click here.

How about a farmers' market?  Here are the times and locations for the weekend farmers' markets held Saturdays on Wollochet Dr. and in Uptown Gig Harbor on Sunday.  The Thursday farmers' market on the waterfront downtown runs through September 24th, at Skansie Park.
As I said….there is ALWAYS something fun going on in Gig Harbor.  If you can get to one of these events, check it out…or check all of them out!  You never know who you'll meet. And, there just aren't too many better ways to get a feel for the community than to have fun and interact with the people who work and play in Gig Harbor and truly know how to live the south sound.